Back To School Video

Kayla Gonzales, Reporter

The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation created a back to school video featuring young students explaining how typical school essentials can help them in the event of a school shooting.

Twenty eight people died in Newton, Connecticut at the school of Sandy Hook elementary in 2012. Of the 28 people killed by a semiautomatic rifle, 20 were children and 6 were adults.

Using satire, the public speaking announcement showcases students being grateful for all the school supplies they have that help them in a massacre they are experiencing firsthand.

“These new sneakers are just what I needed for the new year,” says a boy in the video running down the hallway while chaos and screams occur behind him.

As the video plays, the actors seem increasingly less playful while using the materials they have to survive the mayhem. 

“These new socks? They can be a real life-saver,” says a girl as she uses the socks to stop her friend from bleeding out. 

The father of a first grader who died in the 2012 shooting co-founded the Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization founded and led by several family members of those who were killed at Sandy Hook, claims the point of the PSA was to shock people into action who have grown apathetic to mass shootings. 

“The video made me scared and sad. It was a wake up call. In the last seven years, I think America has grown for the better, but a lot of things happened for the worst. It’s just a bad period in America that I don’t think is going to end anytime soon and it can literally happen to anybody. This is why gun laws need to change,” Sophomore Hannah Mathew explains. 

Sandy Hook Promise used the back to school themed commercial in hopes of catching everyone’s attention and spreading awareness for their cause to prevent gun violence. 

“At the end of it, I was sad to say the least. The way it was made and all of the actors in it did such a great job, but just thinking about that being a reality for our country is insane. It’s gotten to the point in our society where it’s too easy to acquire a gun and use it for all kinds of devilish purposes. There has to be a proper limit to how far these weapons go,” Junior Asfa Shujauddin said. 

In the last scene, a young girl in tears hiding in a bathroom stall sends a message to her mom saying “I love you” on her new phone for the last time as footsteps from the shooter are heard. 

“It was scary to see, but for some reason I think that’s the only way we’re going to be able to get people to act. I think they [Sandy Hook Promise] created it to spread awareness to prevent school shootings, which happen far too often in the US sadly. It made me feel the need to make a change and to speak out and tell everyone to make a change too,” Senior Connor Bicknell describes. 

What began as an advertisement for a typical back to school commercial, ended as an impactful PSA about the necessity of a gun law reform.