New Anime Club Arrives at PHS


Anime Shows

Piscataway High School has just started a new club called the Anime Club which has challenged students to find their talents and their individuality. In the club students have an opportunity to hang out, run game tournaments, watch anime together, and create mangas.  Not only is it a fun place for students to share their love for anime, this club also tries to be beneficial to students’ lives and experiences later on.

This club is especially for those who aren’t very sociable with others and has a very flexible atmosphere for those that are involved in the club.

“I think just having it [the Anime Club] for all kids, especially the introverted kids because with introverted kids they see everybody else with their groups and sometimes have a hard time fitting in,” said Mr. Viney, the club’s advisor. I don’t like the word fitting in, I don’t think anybody should have to fit in.”

Mr. Viney has been a big inspiration to this club and has an interest in anime for a long time, which has helped him want success for his students even more so during this terrible pandemic.  He wants to better their high school experience in the club to discover their meaningful interests.

“I have been a huge anime and manga head since 1982, ” said Mr. Viney. Also because we have so many students especially during the pandemic, I felt bad for students that only saw their experience in manga with their experience in High School…I wanted something that speaks to their real interests.”

One of the positions in the anime club is the club officer which has been very beneficial in order to have a better understanding and experience of the anime club.

“I wanted to be a club officer because it provided a way for me to express everything I love about gaming or anime/manga,” said PHS student Umer Chandri. “It allowed me to expand my horizons when it came to the world of things such as manga with manga creation, the process behind it, and how much time and effort it requires for someone to make manga.”

Along with expansion of anime understanding, another upside to this club is to be included in leading the members in extracurricular activities within the club such as projects and gaming tournaments.

“The responsibilities of a club officer or the responsibilities that I normally have as a club officer is that I’m supposed to be the leader and lead everyone to getting a successful project done or an event done such as our gaming tournaments, ” said Umer. “Club officers also have to make sure that certain events or projects are going smoothly such as making sure that we meet deadlines and are able to get stuff done such as our manga.”

Club members work together to make the most of this club and their experience to increase their imagination by helping club officers create mangas, gaming tournaments, projects, and animations.

“We are the ones that set up most of the events that go down within the club such as gaming tournaments, anime watching sessions, or even how we are creating our own manga now, ” said Umer. ‘While a regular club member is the one that works with us in order to make the projects or events that we work on become a reality, there is no real difference in my opinion between a club officer and a regular club member.”

This club was created in order for students to know they will be able to have a future in any creative career they desire to have.

“I wish that for my students to really expand and develop their creative side, I want to have a club where students see a future in either game design, gaming as a competition, drawing manga, or drawing at home art,” said Mr. Viney.