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Field hockey player, Dominique Nelson commits to Towson University

Dominique Nelson uses her defensive skills to get the ball away from her opponent.

Dominique Nelson uses her defensive skills to get the ball away from her opponent.

Dominique Nelson uses her defensive skills to get the ball away from her opponent.

Kyree Wiley, Reporter

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Dominique Nelson, field hockey player, has committed to the University of Towson. She has came a long way to get where she is now. The 16 year old, Junior began playing field hockey when she was in middle school.

Dominique Nelson said, “I started playing field hockey in middle school, 7th grade.”

Dominique explained that she had to go through some personal difficulties to get where she is today.  The end of her 8th grade year she was playing on a club team, Total Dutch, and she left the team because she was moved from the A team to the B team. She felt the coach wasn’t directing as much attention to her as they did to the other children.  She used this experience as motivation to work harder .

Dominique expressed, “Soon as I left I just was like–no I’m not gonna be on anybody’s B team.”

Field hockey means a lot to Dominique and she gives her all in every opportunity she is given.

Dominique said, “I’m really passionate about it, its like my sport.”

She uses her resources as ways to get better at her sport and also her downtime to improve and be better.

Dominique said, “For field hockey I take privates with my coach. Usually when I have free time I just go to the field and just shoot or dribble on my free time to get better.”

She sees her role on the team as leader by example and being the best motivator that she can be.

“I try to be motivational but that’s like– that’s not really in me. I’m more of a lead by example kind of player.”

She and her team ended the 2017 season in a loss to the East Brunswick Bears in the semi-finals. Dominique recorded 21 goals and 9 assists during her Junior year season. She was the leading goal scorer for the 2017 season.  To prepare for games she has laser focus and stays locked in.

Dominique stated, “Music definitely prepares me for a game!”

Legacy is a wondered subject in all great athletes. Dominique wants to be remember as just by the person she was.

Dominique said, “I wanna leave behind me just being me!”

Class of 2019, Dominique Nelson, the future at Towson University.



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