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LIFT Decorates the School With #LIFTPHS Sidewalk Sayings

Veronica Perez, Reporter

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At the start of the school year, LIFT decorated the outside of the Anthony building  with positive messages in chalk to “Bring a little positivity,” says Ms. Cruz-Walsh “In a fun way”.

LIFT is a female empowerment group it stands for Ladies of Inspiration, Fortitude, and Talent. The goal of LIFT is to empower others and they hoped to accomplish this goal with this service activity. According to Ms. Cruz-Walsh, the sidewalk sayings were “the brainchild of Mrs. Dionisio”. Both teachers hoped to unify the school with this service activity, and Ms. Cruz-Walsh wants to do the chalk drawings again, but this time bigger.

The sidewalk sayings are a branch off of the locker positives LIFT did the year before. The locker positives were Post-it notes that LIFT put on every locker at the school. Each Post-it had a positive message on it and just like the sidewalk sayings were supposed to bring positivity to the school.

LIFT students posing with the sidewalk sayings

The administration enjoyed the sidewalk sayings and hope to gain a bigger response from students by decorating more of the school with the positive messages.

students covered the Anthony building with positive words

Ms.Cruz-Walsh believes that LIFT has only scratched the surface with the #LIFTPHS sidewalk sayings.

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LIFT Decorates the School With #LIFTPHS Sidewalk Sayings