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PHS Celebrates Spirit Week

Senior Caitlyn Erdman shows off her 'lollipops' she created out of pool noodles, duct tape, and pvc pipe.

Senior Caitlyn Erdman shows off her 'lollipops' she created out of pool noodles, duct tape, and pvc pipe.

Senior Caitlyn Erdman shows off her 'lollipops' she created out of pool noodles, duct tape, and pvc pipe.


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PHS students celebrated Spirit Week from October 30th to November 3rd by dressing in certain spirit related outfits to gauge student spirit.

Most high schools are familiar with “Spirit Week”, a time of school participation, and celebration leading up to homecoming weekend. Unfortunately, PHS could not celebrate this the same week as the homecoming game due to parent teacher conferences.

Each day is a fun example of how teachers and administrators interact with the students and let them show their school pride and true selves. The first day consisted of students wearing their favorite jersey for any sports team. Tuesday was Hallow-meme, a day where students dressed up as either a meme or in their Halloween costumes. Wednesday was celebrated by wearing pink and Throwback Thursday had students in past fashion styles. Spirit week culminated with students attending an exciting Pep Rally in school colors – black and gold.

SGA advisor Ms. Chilakos explained that, “The main reason why this is done here is because all of us as teachers, staff and administrators want to get students to do things the same way and to foster competition between classes,” Spirit Week is an excellent way to show class rivalry.

To brainstorm for Spirit Week, the student government in the school came together with all of the class councils and discussed which days they wanted to be what activity.  They then decided on the theme for the hallways, which was games, and they took in to consideration what is something students and teachers would participate in and show spirit.

The school was covered with decorations and the excitement was felt everywhere. There were many students that participated in the single events that went on this week.

For one student she participated because, “Well I wore a jersey because, it is my senior year, I want to show my spirit and most of all have fun because it is my last year and this is really the chance before it’s done for me,” senior Lydia Zeller explains.

Tuesday, was dress in a costume or your favorite meme.

“I wore a costume of something from a movie that was out a long time,” Lauren Serrano says.

On Wednesday students wore their pink.

Freshman Gina Ciancio says she participated because “You know that you get extra points for doing any of them and I just wore pink because I wanted to get the extra points.”

Throwback Thursday was the next day that had students rummaging through theirs and their parents closets.  Students were dressed as hippies and teens from the 50s but the most popular was much more recent.

“I just really wanted to participate and I dressed as a throwback from the 80s and 90s,” freshman Alexus Enabosi says.

On Friday the students and staff showed their true Chief pride by sporting the school colors.  The majority of the school were wearing black and gold for the pep rally and Battle of the Classes.

All the fun that lies within the homecoming dance, spirit week, and the pep rally are now over, and there are winnders for all categories of course. The sophomores won Battle of the Classes, while the juniors tallied the highest for spirit “days”, and the seniors took the hallway decorating competition with their tribute to Candyland, their involvement in their hallway, and their impressive and contagious school spirit.


“I really liked [Spirit Week] because it gives you an excuse to wear different things. I enjoyed seeing unity and although everyone does different things everyday it was something that we can all do as a school. I thought it was fun but I wished students cared more about it because it’s what everyone can do together,” senior Caitlyn Erdman says.

This week in PHS is one of the many weeks that is filled with fun activities and a time where all students can get together, construct teamwork, get to know other students better, make friends and best of all have fun with some school spirit.





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PHS Celebrates Spirit Week