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Senior Privileges Taken Away

Hafsa Aman, Reporter June 11, 2020

Covid-19 has caused students in the class of 2020 a loss of their privileges like Graduation and Prom. Due to the matter of social distancing, Piscataway High School Graduation is now virtual and Prom...

iPads in Classrooms

Vrunda Raj, Editor March 5, 2020

The implementation of the iPad initiative in the high school happens during the 2019-2020 school year. IPads were given to freshman and sophomores this year for school usage and will remain with them for...


Kayla Gonzales, Reporter March 5, 2020

Kennedy Space Center’s Exploration and Astronaut Training activities will host Piscataway students for the first time. The idea for this trip was proposed by a teacher a part of the Engineering...

Race and Gender Course

Sarina Borad June 12, 2019

Race and Gender in Literature is a new course that Piscataway High School will begin to offer in 2019-2020. “Students will have the chance to explore the multiplicities of their identities… the...

Here teachers and students invited to the Women in Arts Luncheon are eating and having table discussions before the activities start. 
Photo Credits: Vrunda Raj

Women in Arts Luncheon

Vrunda Raj, Reporter June 11, 2019

The Women in Arts Luncheon had a main goal to build a strong community of women at Piscataway High School. “We wanted to create an opportunity for women to get together to celebrate our accomplishments...

PHS Tutoring Program Helps Students Succeed

Kayla Gonzales, Reporter January 9, 2019

The tutoring program is very helpful for students who would like to improve their grades. Students who attend the tutoring program could improve their grade by 40 points like freshman Mary Ziminski...

School Representative Chosen for Poetry Out Loud Competition

School Representative Chosen for Poetry Out Loud Competition

Norelle Howard, Reporter January 9, 2019

The adrenaline of watching competitors, the artistry of poetry, and the chance to win at a public audition, are all advantageous features of the latest Poetry Out Loud Competition. It's an event that stretches...

Forest fire 
Photo courtesy: Pexels

Climate Change

Vrunda Raj, Reporter December 17, 2018

Climate change is the shift in the average statistical weather data of a place. Climate change is happening now, way faster than it is supposed to, but too slow for people to feel it. Climate change...

Danny Allen (right) and Jenna McKin (left) edit the latest Life in Black and Gold episode.

Life in Black and Gold

Julia Lomotey, Editor December 12, 2018

The Kardashians film their lives from top to bottom. Through just 30 minute episodes, the world is infatuated with the daily dramas and petty conflicts that characterize their appearance on the big screens....

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