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The Positive Impact of Lockdown

Yumna Qasim June 11, 2020

     The rapid Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in a state issued lock down; in order to preserve the safety of the people and decrease the spread of this deadly virus. Although staying at home has had...

Time Management during Remote Learning

Yumna Qasim, Reporter June 11, 2020

     Evidently, Covid-19 is changing everything from the way we learn to the way we greet and contact others.  So far, self quarantine has proven to be the best solution to this deadly virus which...

How To Make Homemade Ramen

Chahna Patel, Student journalist June 11, 2020

HOMEMADE RAMEN FROM SCRATCH- recipe by Audrie Stromae This is a recipe for vegetarians, but because it is homemade it is flexible. (you can say this is a vegetarian recipe, but can be flexible as well...

Hariz’s Rise to Fame

Yumna Qasim June 11, 2020

     22-year-old singer and songwriter Justin Hariz prioritizes connecting with his young audience through his music.      “What I want people to know about my music is if you and I did...

What athletes are doing during quarantine

Jabari Moore, Reporter May 1, 2020

Athletes have been affected by quarantine in so many ways. Not watching your favorite sports teams play and compete everyday is a bummer for all fans. It's harder for athletes to stay in shape and being...

TV Show Review: On My Block

Kayla Gonzales, Reporter April 8, 2020

Starring a diverse friend group living in an urban neighborhood, On My Block is a compelling show that keeps the viewer constantly clicking “next episode.” The Netflix original aired on March 16, 2018,...

How-To Make Whipped Coffee

Janvi Raj, Reporter April 6, 2020

The girl in this picture is efficiently studying from home in an organized workspace.

Photo credit: Pexels

Study Tips for Online Learning

Vrunda Raj, Reporter April 3, 2020

Online learning has existed in the world since the 1990s and has increasingly become popular over the years. While online learning was already on the rise due to the global pandemic COVID-19 and the need...

Spirit Week

Andrea Viola, Reporter March 5, 2020

Spirit Week is a great event where students can wear their colors and cultures. This event has been ingrained into the school and the student body itself. During the week, the school community would...


Kayla Gonzales, Reporter March 5, 2020

Kennedy Space Center’s Exploration and Astronaut Training activities will host Piscataway students for the first time. The idea for this trip was proposed by a teacher a part of the Engineering...

Student Athletes Committing To College

Hubert Singley, Reporter February 8, 2020

When a student-athlete officially commits to attend a Division I or II college, he or she signs a National Letter of Intent, agreeing to attend that school for one or more academic years. A National Letter...

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