Attachavi Organization – Supporting Those With Autism In Piscataway

A child is commonly referred to as the number one priority in a parent’s life. Often, parents admit that they would sacrifice anything for their kid, saying that each hour they spend at a workplace is dedicated entirely to supporting them. However, some parents never want to admit that they want to rest, despite the fact that they are in dire need of a break, especially parents of children with autism. 

According to, autism is remarked as a disabling condition. This means that the disability overtakes the mind and virtually controls everything the individual does, feels, and says. When a person is diagnosed with autism, they will have problems interacting socially and have problems communicating with people they meet. While the individual has to focus on adapting to the world, the parents also are being introduced to the problems their child has. It is for these aforementioned problems that parents need some time to rest, which is why the Attachavi Autism Organization was formed, to allow parents to relax while taking care of their child.

Co-Founder of the organization and PHS Special Ed teacher Laura Leibowitz, says,  “It’s draining, exhausting and expensive to [support their] kids. Because of this, the parents need respite.”

Attachavi Organization                 Co-Founder Laura Leibowitz

Respite is defined as a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. According to, having a rest from a family member who suffers with autism is encouraged. The Attachavi Organization achieves giving the families respite by providing the children with group activities which distract the children.

“We have social events, art class, and even a yoga expert comes over,” says Ms. Leibowitz. The children have many social events to busy themselves with, and these events also encourage the parents to meet each other and to understand the disability better.

The Attachavi Autism Organization also fund raises and accepts donations. Their overall goal is to have a respite center. On April 21st 2018, the Attachavi Organization held a talent and fashion show, both of which featured children with the disability.

Ms. Leibowitz says, “It is a lifetime condition, but it doesn’t need to be sad or difficult.”

The Attachavi Autism Organization is led by Anita Sharma, and was founded 10 years ago. She has 2 children with autism and believes it is her mission to help the children and fellow parents.