Kelly Oram’s Cinder and Ella


An image of a well used version of the book Cinder & Ella. Photo Courtesy: Vrunda Raj

Vrunda Raj

A sensational summertime book that will keep you flipping pages is Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram. In this contemporary romance you’ll find a powerful heroine that has to find her way up from rock bottom, fight back against demons both real and imaginary, a hero that underestimates himself but still fights for his heroine, and a broken family that just might become united as one.

Oram’s book showcases a sentimental yet powerful story about a girl who has lost her mother, has scars all over her, who gets up and finds herself again, and learns how to love the boy who has always been there for her. Oram is a sensitive and a romantic author who gives the readers a romantic story that they will remember forever. She delivers a rom-com that has a romantic hero that does cliche things for his love and a clueless heroine who doubts if she is worth his love.

Learning to love yourself and others is a struggle for everyone especially for someone without support and help. Despite her tragedies, Ella finds a way to fight against all the odds.The person to support her during her journey is Cinder, her anonymous online best friend. Oram creates a story that’s relatable for young girls that doubt themselves or for girls that just want someone to love them.

The author writes in a way that allows the reader to see both Ella and Cinder’s points of view and their emotions throughout the book. Oram writes heartbreaking emotional scenes that make you want to cry, funny sayings that will make you laugh for hours, and romantic cliches that make you smile and swoon.

Cinder and Ella has been so widely acclaimed that it was published in Hungarian. It has also earned the number 1 spot on the Amazon best seller in teen romance list, and the number 20 best seller list overall on Amazon. Oram’s book is currently the number 1 top rated book in teen contemporary romance on Amazon and is also being considered for a Florida Teen Read Awards.

Kelly Oram has published more than 15 books since her writing breakthrough when she became a full time mom and was stuck at home for 24 hours without anything to do. This time allowed Oram to start writing again, something she started at a very young age. Oram wrote her first novel, a fanfiction at the age of fifteen about the Backstreet Boys. Her books have been nominated for different awards. She has sold foreign rights deals and has been listed in the Amazon’s top 100 teen authors list.