New Course at PHS: Race and Gender

Race and Gender in Literature is a new course that Piscataway High School will begin to offer in 2019-2020.

“Students will have the chance to explore the multiplicities of their identities… the class explores all the different ethnic groups and different cultures that we have in this school,” The Department Chair for English, Ms. Tanis said.

When most people hear the words “Gender and Race,” they think of skin color and discrimination. This class intends to study topics beyond that and when students take this course, it will change the way they see each other and the way they approach issues of race, gender, culture, identity, ethnicity and language.

“This course will inform the way they process Piscataway High School, the way they process the world, the way they process their relationships with their friends and their teachers even,” Ms. Tanis informed.

Piscataway High School has a variety of students including students who are a part of the LGBTQ community that also need to be involved in our curriculum.

“We need to talk about the binary and also the multiplicities of gender and sexual identities that are right here at PHS, we also need to talk about differently-abled students and their experience in the world,” Ms. Tanis said.

PHS is trying to involve every single student and their lives in the curriculum. They plan on making this school a safe place where everyone can be themselves and not get judged.

“We need to create a class that involves who the students are authentically… you should not have to leave yourself at the door when you come to school. This class invites you to bring your preferences to the door, your likes, dislikes,” Ms. Tanis said.