PHS Choir Concert


Photo Credit: David Beale on Unsplash

Vivian VanValkenburg

The Piscataway High School choir put on their spring performance and all choirs joined forces to sing their hearts out. All the choirs ended on a strong note singing This is Me from The Greatest Showman. The choir concert could not have been possible without the commitment of Megan Suozzo, who never gave up on her students and is so passionate about music.

The choir concert consisted of  seven different groups, Tenor/Bass, Treble, Advanced Women’s Ensemble, Concert, Notoriety, Chamber, and Take Note. Each choir ranged from 8 to 65 people in each choir, all joining forces to create beautiful melodies.

“I like to put a variety of music during the concerts. I think about what is educational and what is interesting” choir director, Megan Suozzo said.

The choir concert gives more opportunities to all choir students to make new friends. It also allows everyone to understand each others way of learning. With everyone being together, it really makes the choir a bonding experience.

“I think everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but it’s a team effort” Suozzo stated.

The choir concert allows the singers to express their emotions through songs in hopes of capturing the audience’s attention. Many people, like Brain Jesus, has been in choir at Piscataway High School for three years, and it was an experience to never forget for him.

“[After] the concert, [it] made me feel safe and it really meant a lot to me” senior, Brian Jesus stated.

The concert was a moment of solidarity for everyone that filled with friendships and memories that are not to be forgotten.

“[The choir concert] taught me how to build friendships, express [my] feelings through [my] voice, [and] how we are all different but connected” Jesus stated.