Spirit Week


Andrea Viola, Reporter

Spirit Week is a great event where students can wear their colors and cultures.

This event has been ingrained into the school and the student body itself. During the week, the school community would compete with each other to see who has the most spirit for the week. This has shown to provide some friendly competition between the grade levels and shows us how students show their spirit.

“Just good old fashioned fun,” says Dawne Dionisio. “It makes the classes work harder in the fact that it is a competition and there will be a winner.”

Multiple Spirit Weeks take place throughout the course of the school year.

“Our Fall Spirit Week either happens in October or November, it depends on the schedule, but then we’ll also have a Spirit Week before Winter Break and we’ll have a Spirit Week around Valentine’s Day and around Spring Break,” says Expository Writing teacher and SGA supervisor Sean Horan.

Students would often wear clothes that fits their preference to match with spirit day, such as students wearing all different kinds of tie-dyes to your favorite decade! The possibilities of what one may wear are nearly endless.

“If it was the theme within the last three or four years we usually try to avoid it because we don’t want our classes to have to repeat a theme when they are in school so usually we can’t reuse it for four years, ” says Mr. Horan.

Students have competed during these Spirit Weeks and would often try to have their grades have the highest amount of participators. Even if some students do not initially plan on doing it, they would sometimes support Spirit Week in other ways like encouragement.

“I hope that they have a week where they are all working toward a common goal. I also hope that there is a sense of community in some way,” states Mr. Horan.

Often during Spirit Week there would be hallway decorations found throughout the school that has a theme in common throughout all the grade levels.

“Our big competition between the classes is the Hallway Decorating competition,” says Ms. Dionisio. “So the student government chooses an overall theme, and then each class picks what part of that theme they want to decorate their section of the hallway with.”

Spirit Week has been going on strong and with participation numbers, it will continue to go strong for years to come.