Time Management during Remote Learning


     Evidently, Covid-19 is changing everything from the way we learn to the way we greet and contact others.  So far, self quarantine has proven to be the best solution to this deadly virus which is why Piscataway Highschool has switched to remote learning. Online school has proven to be effective for some students but extremely draining for others as well. In unprecedented times like this, we must motivate ourselves to manage our time effectively and be productive. Our team of counselors at PHS are determined to make this transition to remote learning as convenient for students as possible. 

     Mr. Kiang, a counselor at PHS, is dedicated to motivating students and providing resources to help them out during this difficult time. Here’s some tips from him that will help students manage their time effectively when completing assignments: 

  • Create and use an agenda: List out your assignments and come up with a productive plan to complete them. Creating a list of tasks helps you divide up your work and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Study in short bursts: Avoid studying for long periods of time since it does not help retain information. Take 5-10 minute breaks to refresh your mind. Breaks will help you be productive in the long run! 
  • Set mini due dates for yourself: For big assignments, try to break them down into smaller assignments and mini deadlines for them. Take it step by step, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 
  • Identify your distractions: Try to figure out what interrupts your productivity and avoid it. Distractions can include sleeping, social media, Netflix, eating etc). Find a place without these distractions to help you focus on your task. 
  • Stay Healthy: Exercising helps with stress and improves brain function. Try to go outside for a walk when the weather is nice and allow yourself to enjoy nature. Also, getting a good night’s sleep is key to productivity! 

Reach out: You are not alone! Stay connected and communicate with your teachers if you don’t understand an assignment or need extra help. Feel free to message your counselor if you feel overwhelmed and stressed, they would love to help you out!