What Athletes are Doing During Quarantine


Photo Credit: Emre Can on Pexels

Athletes have been affected by quarantine in so many ways. Not watching your favorite sports teams play and compete everyday is a bummer for all fans. It’s harder for athletes to stay in shape and being an athlete myself it’s a lot of stress. It is a lot of stress because when athletes come back they might not be in their best shape. After quarantine ends they will have to work harder just to get back in regular shape. For senior athletes it sucks for the people who have to miss out on their senior season and can’t compete one last time. 

Being a senior athlete missing out, that could have been their breakout season. Scholarships they would have earned are throwing out the window. Athletes must stay in shape but there are limits to it. Not having a lot of people with you is a disadvantage. Having a workout buddy can make you push yourself even more, that mindset that athletes will have is “don’t give up” but working out by yourself athletes might cut themselves short. Athletes when working out by themselves will have less motivation and probably would give up early. This might be the worst time for all athletes with no competition and just doing the sport you love. 

Athletes are still working out but just differently. Obviously athletes aren’t in the best shape and without competition we will never know. Sports like football take a lot of months off because of the contact and the hits they take. But being a football player doesn’t really affect them but some can’t go to certain places to get in top shape for training camp this summer. Quarterback Tom Brady with his new team the buccaneers tried to go to a local park to workout. And they even kicked out 6x time superbowl champ out of the park. So if they can kick out tom brady they can kick out anyone they want to. For athletes this is a team to reflect on how your season went and what you can improve on. This is kinda a good time for athletes because they can just be themselves instead of always worrying about being to practice on time and making sure you win. Being an athlete, especially a professional athlete, this is a hard time for them because this is how they feed their families. But the positive because they get to spend time with their family more than ever because they are always training and always on the road. For high school athletes this a chance to get your name out there for a possible scholarship so with time out they will get less opportunities. But now athletes are training safely and that’s what we have to sacrifice. To defeat CO-VID19 and then our athletes can return to competition to do the thing they love and make their fans happy.