Staying Emotionally Healthy During Quarantine


Outbreaks can be stressful, which cause fear and anxiety that can be overwhelming and cause strong and violent emotions in adults and children. People suffer to stay emotionally healthy, because of the constant worry of loved ones and how they are coping. They constantly stress over the fact that they can’t see or help their family and feel the lack of self containment,
“taking care of yourself, your friends, and your family can help you cope with stress”-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. People’s emotion plays a great part in their well being and how they react to certain things in their community.

“Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories including social media”-CDC said, which can be impact on people and mental well-being cooped up in inside and stocking up all the negative information that social media is feeding, generates more fear in people.
Keep your usual routine
“Continuing with normal routines as much a s possible will help you to stay healthy during quarantines”-Mario Ritter Jr(international broadcaster-voice of America), following your normal routines that you would have done if you were not stuck at home like going to work, than stay in bed all day which lead to unproductive behaviors.

Parents Impact
Parents play key roles in children and teens reactions towards the situation.”A parent and caregivers deal with COVID-19 calmly and confidently, they can provide the best support for their children”, parents have an impact their children’s emotions because A child would react and feel a certain way if seems that parent fails to handle the situation properly which in return would put pressure on children’s minds.

Going outside
One way that students can reduce their stress is by spending more time outside.-Leah Kashar( Account Coordinator-Beck Media And Marketing), social distancing remains a part when you leave and go outdoors but it won’t stop you from take a walk around your neighborhood to blow off some steam that staying inside all day, outdoors could impact self emotions and change moods for the better knowing that there is still a world behind your closed doors.