Senior Privileges Taken Away


Covid-19 has caused students in the class of 2020 a loss of their privileges like Graduation and Prom. Due to the matter of social distancing, Piscataway High School Graduation is now virtual and Prom has been pushed to late July.

Because Covid-19 is highly contagious, most venues don’t allow over 75 people present at their events; however, Piscataway High School has about 600 seniors. Administration feels as though it’s best to have VIRTUAL graduation and Prom pushed to a later date.

Although Prom has been pushed to a later date, it is still not certain that Piscataway High School will even have a Prom 2020.

“I mean I think it’s every senior’s dream to have fun in their last few moments of [high school with] prom… I think we deserve our privileges,” said senior at PHS, George Igbokwe.

Many students are upset that they can’t have their regular prom and graduation.

“I feel bummed out about not having [prom] because we all looked forward to it,” said Igbokwe.

Though many students aren’t happy about Prom, many aren’t happy about virtual graduation either.

“It’s frustrating as this was very unexpected and saddening as we have all looked forward to these privileges since we came to high school,” says Sarah Quraishi, senior at Piscataway High School.

Students in the class of 2020 are upset that they are not able to celebrate their privileges to the fullest extent.

Niyah Miller, also a senior at Piscataway High Schools explains, “I’m a little upset with not having a prom because it’s kind of a huge part of my senior year, but I know that the decision is not finalized so I’m still hoping that we will have a prom”.

Prom is one thing but graduation is another. Students have different opinions about graduation.

Students have mixed emotions about their excitement for graduation even though it will be virtual.

Igbokwe says, “In all honesty, I am not excited but it’s what had to be done,” while Miller says, “I’m more excited for virtual graduation!”

“Our class is deserving of this culminating moment of our 12 years of hard work, especially dealing with the consequences and emotional aspects of the virus at home,” said Quaraishi.

Although these series of unfortunate events are taking place, class of 2020 has been allowed to decorate their grad caps and there will be a drive-by graduation ceremony taking place on June 17th, 2020.

It’s safe to say the class of 2020 would like to enjoy their privileges but unfortunately, right now it is not safe to gather large numbers of people in one area.