Quarantine Affects Students Differently


During these trying times things don’t even seem normal, or at least what used to be known as normal. Going outside and seeing friends or going to work everyday to see coworkers seems like a distant memory and staying six feet away is natural now. When no spare time turned into all the time in the world, some people have branched and tried new things.

“It’s given me more time to focus on myself, I started doing skin care and planning out outfits, and I’m addicted to online shopping.” said Loryn Fitch, a junior at PHS highschool.

Even though there is more free time now, boredom haunted a lot of people.

Reidyn Wingate a junior at PHS said that quarantine has, “Made it [life] very boring, I can tell you that.”

Many people, especially kids, have had their lives reshaped and morphed around this quarantine lifestyle.

“Alright, towards the beginning of quarantine I was feeling a bit depressed since there was less to do, and I could not see my friends, and I was anxious because the workload was much different than what I was used to, but over time I have gotten more used to everything and I’ve settled down. I’m feeling much calmer and much happier,” said Reidyn.

With all these lifestyle changes and schedule rearrangements it begs the question, what’s the new normal? What’s the new way of life that?

“People are a lot more fearful, People are like very very fearful to like go out of their house, Some people are very fearful then some people are not, and they’re not wearing masks. So its kinda like polarized people. And I also think its starting to get political,” said Elizabieth Fitch, a mother of a PHS student.

PHS students also had their normals rapidly change.

“Well, since I’m not able to do any of the activities I had planned, I’ve been playing a lot more video games. Ironically, I’ve also been eating a lot healthier, now that most of the food we eat is home cooked. Unfortunately, I feel less motivated to do things sometimes, and I tend to procrastinate a lot, but once I get rolling I put a lot of effort and try to get everything done. Despite my reluctance to start working, it has definitely kept me grounding and most of the time I find myself enjoying my work.” said Reidyn.

Another student also gave input on what she thought of the “new normal”.

“I don’t think there is a normal, especially in this world where bad things happen all the time. I mean some things specifically like this where everyone is being sent inside that has never happened before, but I’m assuming it’s gonna start happening more often. I feel like we’re honestly, gonna forget about it. It’s strange and normal now when you’re in it but like in a couple of years were probably just gonna laugh at it,” said Loryn.

Lastly Jayden Whitaker, a student at Plainfield High School had this to say, “My life is boring now because I have nothing to do. I’m sleeping in late and staying up late so i guess my new normal is being turned into a bat.”

With everything going on and the rapid metamorphosis of normal into its new counterpart, this can get overwhelming or scary. Fear can overwhelm people and boredom can do the same. The new normal doesn’t need to be scary or boring it can be fun and unique.