Another Successful Year for Haunted High

FBLA scares up some thrills and chills for a good cause


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Through the years halloween has become a large celebration for American society. Trick or treaters roam the streets at night collecting all the candy they can. Yes, candy is one of the largest motivators of Halloween, another thing about the night is its aura. Sometimes you can almost smell the screams in the air as kids, teens, and adults visit haunted houses galore.

The thrill of the adventure never fails to scare. When asked what they remember most about their sophomore year, juniors like Raahim Hashmi stated that “…Haunted High was a really fun experience to be a part of…” Even though there are hundreds, maybe thousands of haunted houses, PHS has one of the best. “Haunted High” as they call it, has the thrill everyones looking for. With the guidance of our very own FBLA (Future Business Leaders’ Association), Haunted High has begun to take root as an yearly tradition. Haunted High ensures that every kid has a fun, safe, and interesting Halloween experience.

Teachers like Mr. Horan say that “ I think that this is a fun event…all clubs and activities are allowed to participate in an interesting way…”

We asked 9th grader Ann Zamor, who has been deeply involved with the creation of one of the rooms at Haunted High, what she thought of the preparation aspect of haunted high and she said “…I really like that I am able to connect to the school and meet new people that are also interested in helping around… also there are volunteer hours involved which is always a plus.”

Of course, no event is really an event unless there’s a noble cause behind it! Although people know that there is a donation needed, many do not know which foundation the money is going to. Out of an informal poll of 12 teachers and students, 4 of them knew the money was going to the March of Dimes foundation, which helps support the health of mothers and their new born babies.  The great news is that FBLA was able to raise over 1k during the event this year!

With the support of school administration and the collective help of students, Haunted High’s fan base has grown exponentially over the last couple years. Using that base FBLA plans to bring the event to new heights.

From scares to slime, there’s everything at Haunted High! Hopefully you were able to experience it this year, but if not, there is always next year….