The Girl Up Club at PHS: Helping Girls Around The World

The club is a way for PHS girls to connect with their peers and serve their community


Girl Up Logo

The Girl Up Club shares the mission of helping girls around the world, as well as ways the community at Piscataway High School can help simply by taking the first step and joining. Coach Bottet, the club’s advisor, Reva Gujral, the club president, and Insiya Chitalwala, a member, have taken the time to share their story and experiences with Girl Up.

Before diving into the mission of Girl Up, it is important to understand how it came to existence in our school.

“Years ago a student came to me and said she wanted to start a girl up chapter,” said Coach Bottet. “I didn’t know what it was so I researched it and thought it was a good idea. I thought it was a great way to make kids of the school aware of these important issues and give them a way to make a difference.”

It’s wonderful to see that this club was initiated by a student who wanted to have an impact on others and help her peers do the same. It is also important to understand the mission of the club.

“The mission of girl up is to bring awareness and be the voice for girls in developing countries all over the world who are born into poverty and don’t have a voice” said Coach Bottet.

Over the years Girl Up has conducted a wide variety of services like sanitary drives, fundraisers, etc. that have been used to help women through Girl Up but also through shelters in the New Brunswick, Piscataway, and South Plainfield area.

“We were a part of a project in which money would be raised to buy bikes for girls around the world so that they could go to school” said Coach Bottet, “Our club organized a Zumba class and the proceeds raised 500 dollars which bought 2 bikes. It was a great way to spread our message as well as help women in other countries.”

Many other members of the club agree that these service activities have created an impact on their lives and the lives of many women in need.

“The service activities are very enlightening,” said Insiya Chitalwala, a member of the club, “We did a candy gram fundraiser this year to raise money for donations which was a nice way to talk to others about the club and spread the word.”

Girl Up not only conducts fundraisers and other service projects to raise money, but they also have in depth discussions as a club about hot topics. It also serves a safe place for the club members to share their feelings.

“We had in depth conversations about abortion rights during our last meeting where people shared their own personal experiences as well as talked about the Roe vs. Wade case that is currently going on,” said Reva Gujural, the club president.

After the initiation of the club and its run for the past 5-6 years, students from Piscataway High School joined the club for a variety of reasons. Some for a sense of community and others to serve.

“I joined because it is a great way to talk to other women in our school and to hear different points of views while also serving the community,” said Insiya Chitalwala.

During general interviews, it was found that members of Girl Up thoroughly enjoy the time that they spend at the club whether it’s through group discussions or service. An overwhelming number of them felt free and helpful to the community.

“Spending time with these amazing women to do service and help make a change in the world is the best part of joining this club,” said Reva Gujral

The service projects conducted have inspired a few club members to participate in more service related activities outside of school as well to help and give back to the community.

“I have always wanted to help out my community more, but I never knew how,” said Insiya Chitalwala, “After joining Girl Up I became more inspired to help out and with the help of the advisors I was able to find places that needed help. Through these experiences I became more service oriented.”

Many members are so committed that they see Girl Up club at Piscataway High School reaching new heights as the years go on and the club gains more traction.

“I would like to see us doing more sanitary drives and food drives to help those living in homeless shelters,” said Insiya Chitalwala, “I would also like to have presentations to educate people on various issues.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the club, please contact club advisor, Coach Bottet