HOSA Club Supports Students with Aspirations in the Medical Field



HOSA is an after school, medical centered club, and every other Monday, members come to room G111 to support and grow their aspirations in the medical field. The club is advised by Dr. Murphy, PHS science teacher, who manages and supports the club.

HOSA stands for “Health Occupation Student Association“. It was founded almost fifty years ago, and is now known by its new name, the “Future Health Professionals”. It is endorsed by the US Department of Education, and has almost 200,000 members spread across the US, Canada, China, South Korea, and Mexico.

Dr. Murphy thinks HOSA is a really good place for students to learn more about the field by making connections with peers and professionals.

“HOSA gives the students the opportunity to mingle with fellow students and professionals in the medical field and a chance to meet high-ranking officials in government and within the medical colleges and universities,” said Dr. Murphy.

The purpose of the club is not only to inform the members, but also give them a chance to give back to the world through medicine.

“HOSA is also responsible for performing fund raising where the proceeds will be used to buy medical supplies for 3rd world countries. The students will have the benefit of giving back to others as part of the HOSA traditions,” said Dr. Murphy.

Club president, Ameya Patel, thinks this year’s specific goal for HOSA is demonstrated by the slogan ‘Reviving Your Aspirations’.

“HOSA has not been so active the past few years,” Ameya said. “Our goal this year is to make sure that the club is active, we have member involvement. So far, we’ve been seeing a lot of that.”

A dedicated club member, freshman Harshita Kumar, also thinks this year’s HOSA is going to exceed its previous performance.

Said Harshita, “This is [our] year, [we] can definitely rise, and get to FBLA level.”

The club is living up to its slogan through medical competitions. These competitions are done on a regional, state and national level. President Ameya Patel hopes for HOSA to excel in these competitions with the help of the bootcamp set up by the club, where competitors can be assisted in preparing for and gaining knowledge about their topic.

“Making sure that we are participating in competitions,” said Ameya. “Just making sure we are placing [in the competitions], which is why we have started a whole competition bootcamp. So when our members go to competitions they are prepared.”

The club’s achievements could not be done without the help of the hardworking officers of HOSA. Ameya appreciates his officers and thinks they are very vital in running the club. “I’m really lucky to have a really good officer board,” Said Ameya. “The officers are very proactive. They know their responsibility.”

HOSA is made to be a place where members can find support if they choose to go into a medical career. Harshita thinks the club is right for her, because it helps her pursue her dream job.

“I joined HOSA to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor,” said Harshita. “Even though that’s what everybody says, I also want to help people because I believe that’s who I am.”

Ameya, as the president, also thinks HOSA has provided him with the opportunity to grow as a person, as it has improved his communication and managing skills.

“Personally I feel like HOSA has helped me become much better at understanding people,” said Ameya. “Being able to lead, but understanding that we are all humans. Learning how to forgive for mistakes. Learning how to appreciate accomplishments. Learning good skills as I manage and as I lead.”

HOSA is for students that have an interest in a career in medicine. It supports their interest through the use of competitions and fundraisers. The officers, advisor, and members are all committed to ‘Reviving [their] aspirations’.

To find out more about the club, please contact Dr. Murphy through Schoology messaging, or stop by the next club meeting!