Fashion Club: a Place for Self-Expression, Creativity, and Friendship

Fashion can sneak up on you and suck you into a new world of opportunities and interests.

Fashion is much more than just clothing. It is an art form.

Club advisor Mr. Ryan Ward is a prime example of fashion sneaking up on someone. He never intended to be a part of the Fashion Club, nor did he really want to in the beginning.

“One of the students in the fashion club that I had the year prior asked to use my room for the Fashion Club and I said no I don’t want to do that,” said Mr. Ward. “About the 4th time she asked me I said, “Do I have to do anything?” and she said “No.” So I said “Fine.”

Ward intended on just allowing his classroom to be used for the club meetings, as he had the necessary supplies to provide the club with the opportunity to flourish. In the beginning, he was more of a “host” than an advisor.

“I let the fashion club be hosted in my room, which I guess made sense because I have things in my room that pertain to fashion,” he said. “I have an onboarding machine, I have a silk screen machine, and a lot of my students in my Print Production classes have an interest in fashion.”

However, the longer he allowed the club to be held in his room, the more he became drawn to the conversations and ideas being thrown around.

“I wasn’t planning on participating, but because of my love for teaching and the students I kept getting involved,” he said. “I would hear the conversations and I would chime in with some advice and before I knew it, I was thoroughly wrapped up in the Fashion Club.”

Soon, it wasn’t just a love for teaching it became a love for fashion itself. Fashion Club was no longer just something he took on out of convenience, it became a part of his life.

“After a few weeks I was “in it to win it” and I loved it, and I guess I’m still loving it, so here I am again for the second year … I’m a lot more involved in it this year.”

Fashion doesn’t just impact the lives of those who have never shown previous interest. Many people were born for the fashion industry, but just needed a small push like Club President, Sofia Parra.

Parra dedicated three years of her life to the Piscataway High School Fashion Club, joining in her sophomore year of high school. Despite only becoming a member in her 10th grade year, she always had a love for fashion stating, “I’ve always loved dressing up.”

For Parra, fashion is about more than just looking nice. Fashion is an outlet for her and many others. It is a means to break one out of their shell, and express themselves through something other than words.

To me fashion is about self expression,” she said. “Finding my personal style and really dressing the way I wanted to has shaped me into the person I am today and definitely made me a lot more confident.”

Not only is fashion a fun way to express yourself, you can build a career from it. Being a part of the Fashion Club has opened many doors for Parra, and greatly impacted her time in high school.

“Fashion club has really shaped my high school experience,” she said. “I was able to forge new friendships, be a part of a welcoming community and learn what it is to be a leader.”

Parra revealed that she would love to pursue a career in fashion, and the club has provided her with useful tools for her future.

“I hope to pursue a career aimed towards the business side of fashion,” she said. “[Fashion Club] has provided an insight into the fashion business which will definitely help in the career I hope to have.”

There is a place for everyone within the fashion community. It isn’t just about Runway Walks, or putting on an outfit that’s appealing to the eye

Fashion is an outlet, and a safe space for many and Piscataway High School’s club is doing a fantastic job embodying that concept.

For more information about joining Fashion Club, please message Mr. Ward through Schoology messaging!