Pway Experience Introduces 8th Graders to High School Clubs and Opportunities

On January 11th, Piscataway High School hosted PWAY Experience, a time for eighth grade students from all three middle schools to visit the high school with their parents and get a feel for the future they have in store for them.

The event started off in the Performing Arts Center where parents and students met the principal, Mr. Baldasano, assistant principals, and counselors. Here the code of conduct, the academies, and other academic and extracurricular opportunities were discussed. The students were then dispersed to the Patton Gym to explore the wide variety of clubs and sports that are available for them to participate in upon reaching high school.

Both sides of the gym were filled with booths with upperclassmen excited to meet the upcoming freshman and introduce them to their respective activities. Reva Anna Gujral, president of Girl Up, a club dedicated to empowering girls in underdeveloped countries, conveys her excitement in meeting the students, “I think it’s a great opportunity for them to start getting interested in high school.”

Other senior club board members also expressed how PWAY Experience allowed them to get a feel for who will be leading the club in the future years. Ameya Patel, president of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), stated, “As a senior I don’t know how the club is going to be for the next couple of years. With PWAY Experience I will be able to get a gauge for who truly are interested in the club and its message and those are the people who usually take charge when they are upperclassmen.”

Many eighth graders also expressed how having an introduction to high school so early in the year eased their anxieties. An eighth grade student from Quibbletown, Kaitlin Ver, expressed her excitement in attending PWAY Experience as well. “Everyone is very welcoming and upfront about their expectations and the events that occur throughout the year. At first I was scared and nervous to come to high school, but everyone is super nice and there are many opportunities available to aid with the college process and just enjoying the high school experience in general.”

Overall, the event was a success, and PHS can’t wait to welcome the class of 2027 next year!