Presentation on Hip Hop and Mental Health Comes to PHS

On January 23rd, the PHS Rising Club invited Dr Scoiners, a Doctor of Social Work and a New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to hold a presentation about Mental Health. The presentation discussed the importance of Safe Spaces and how we must have our own safe spaces. Dr. Scoiners started an organization called “Mental Hop”, an organization that is “focused on Mental-Health Education through Hip-Hop Culture”.

Dr Scoiners came up with Mental Hop after Stephen “tWitch” Boss died by suicide at a motel. The idea that someone so famous and someone who had so many fans was suffering so much to go and take their own life was shocking. When someone is famous, one gets an impression that the person is aware of their mental health and has the resources to help them through problems they may be having trouble with.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ suicide showed that it’s not always the case and people could be suffering without anyone knowing. This effect happens both because of a lack of a safe space for the victims and due to the lack of people who may be checking up on the victims in their day-to-day lives.

According to Dr Scoiners, a safe space is a space where someone can talk about their problems in a safe manner and do so comfortably. This space can be anywhere, ranging from a friend’s place, a counsellor’s office, or a Psychiatrist. There is also the Haven, an outpatient mental health clinic in the school. The goal is to make sure that everyone has a safe space to go to when they believe they need help.

There was also emphasis on taking action on making sure someone is okay if you believe they’re struggling. Not everyone has an easy time talking about their problems and they may need encouragement to talk to a professional. You can also talk to someone you trust if your friend or family member doesn’t want to talk about it. It is better safe than sorry, after all. There is also the rule of having five people you can call at any time if you need help. Establishing a support system helps in finding help if it is needed.

There is also the Haven that is accessible in this school if ever you or a friend find yourself in need of help. The Haven provides a number of resources such as group therapy, bimonthly/weekly sessions, and walk-ins. The Haven also provides short and long term counseling throughout the school year. It is located in the Respect Hall if you ever need to visit it for whatever reason. There is also the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline available to you if you ever need it. Remember, help is possible and there are resources that can help you.