Freshman Field Day: Team-Building and Tug-of-War

A day filled with beautiful weather and fun activities as freshmen and their mentors celebrate the end of their first year

Field days are often held for students in elementary and middle schools; however, the freshmen seminar mentors and teachers decided to host the first field day for the freshman class of 2026 as a reward for their hard work. This event took place on Tuesday April 25, 2023 at Kenny Armwood Stadium.

When I asked Ms. Dioniso, one of the organizers for freshmen field day, why she decided to plan this event, she expressed it was imperative for the freshmen to bond.

“Coming out of Covid, it’s very important for the freshman class to work together,” said Ms. Dioniso. “The more sense of community that the students feel here the more likely they will succeed which translates to good grades.”

During the event, not only were the freshmen class enjoying field day, but so were the freshmen mentors. Danika Carranza, one of the mentors, expressed how, “It was fun to see the freshmen slowly warming up to the games and working as a team.”

Other freshmen mentors expressed how they enjoyed observing the freshmen interacting with their teammates to win games. Kirsten Klaus, another mentor, stated “I loved when I would hear the freshman saying that a certain game was fun or giving their class tips on how to do a certain game to win. I think it was a great way to see the dynamics between each class.”

While field day can be enjoyable to most students, some games were a bit boring for others. Kirsten noted how “Some games like the classic tug of war were people’s favorites but then people would hate other games. I also think if it was hotter, the [water cup game] would have been a lot more enjoyable.”

Conversely, Danika expressed her bit of irritation when some of her freshmen students didn’t report to field day. She stated how, “There was a portion of my class that didn’t come to field day so that was a little stressful to deal with because some of the games required more people.”

However, when I asked her what’s one takeaway from the event she was more cheerful about the event. She said how, “This event taught me that plans don’t always work out but there is always the ability to look on the bright side and still be able to have a good time.”

This year’s field may have started with some hiccups but as the event progressed during the warm Tuesday, more similes appeared on the freshman’s visages. Most importantly, the freshmen mentors learned how to organize this complex event, and are looking forward to making it even better next year!